it’s a bear!

morning time for the bear!



the bear was just at the salon last week and the girls there suggested he switch to a fuller volume shampoo. 



the bear usually bikes to work but today he’s running a little behind



the bear has a job as a part time model. he’s so good looking!



it’s time for a smoke break and a red bull!



back to work!



the cute girl bear who works in accounting is to the waving to the bear! the bear has been trying to talk to her for 4 weeks now.



work is done and the bear is excited! skate boarding and baking are some of the bears favorite activities.




the bear can’t decide between a tea or a coffee drink. he did just fill up his coffee card last week so this drink today is free!



he got a mocha! it’s coffee and chocolate. what could be better? 



even bears have to do laundry. duh!



the bear feels like everyone is pressuring him into reading “the secret” but mostly all he wants to do is read some magazines.




the bear lost his phone out the bars the other night. he’s going to call home to see if the orange & white is going to be around. the call went something like this, “oh, orange & white, are you really still watching afternoon judge shows?” ” well, i’ll be home soon! lt’s hang out!” 



“orange and white i love you.” says the bear. “we have the best times!” oh, by the way, “have you seen my phone around?”




sometimes the bear things, “i wish i had more friends, i can’t believe i don’t really have a full time job like all my bear friends.” but then he thinks, “the cute girl bear waved at me and i’m going to have a delicious salad when i get home!”




the bear goes to a art show he heard about from of the guys at work. he had a cookie at the show with sprinkles on it. 

back at home for some late night tv watching. he likes jimmy kimmel best and sometimes switches it over to sex in the city during the commercials.
sleepy sleepy time for the bear!






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