I shot 4×5 film!

I was going to sell my 4×5 camera to this girl Erin so i had to get it out and make sure it was working fine. After I got the film back I was so excited and then really sad I was selling it. I had all these thoughts of doing 4×5 projects and being awesome. Since then I’ve lost Erin and i’m pretty sure she’s not buying my camera. (Erin! do you still want to buy this camera??) I doubt i’m really going to do these 4×5 projects. but right now i’ve got some cute photos of Randy wearing a pink sweatshirt! oh and there are a few shots on a medium format camera….these are pretty much the only film shots i’ve done since 2004 I bet.













One thought on “I shot 4×5 film!

  1. Okay, I have no idea what a 4×5 camera is (I have to guess it makes pictures that are 4″x5″), but your post made me think of this sweet Nicolodeon (how ever you spell that) Photoblaster camera that I have. Actually I have two. One that I use once in a while, and one that is still in the package. I was going to give the one in the package to a friend as a wedding gift a while ago, but I couldn’t find it, and now I am so glad I didn’t give it away. Because really, it is cool, even if it doesn’t take the best pictures in America.


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