I went to Seattle last week. There are some parts about me that really hate seattle. I used to live there (for really only one year.) and i had this terrible job at the one hour photo place, i didn’t make any friends, and i felt lost everytime I would try to drive in the city. Randy lives in Seattle right now because he’s going to school so i visit him sometimes. I think i liked it this time more than any other time i’ve ever been there. The weather was nice for at least 2 days! and we went for bike rides, had fun adventures, and even played outdoor ping pong. man, madison should get some outdoor ping pong. i would be there all the time! heart1002

3 thoughts on “Seattle!

  1. I’m glad you had a good time! That is sad about living in Seattle and not liking it. I lived there for awhile but I moved there with some friends–otherwise I bet I would have had the same experience as you. But I am surprised because you seem like a very effective friend maker.


  2. Cool shots! Glad you had a good time! When I was in seattle a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a TON of neon signs… I figure there must be at least one neon sign for each seattle resident. 1:1 ratio.


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