We did this shoot cause jenny ng was featured on some website cause she’s all fashionable.  jenny is probably the most famous person I know. She was even in the Glamour Magazine for the “what to wear” ! (was it Glamour…maybe get the idea.)  I would could probably make it in too but i would be one of the “what not to wear” with the black bar over my eyes. I would consider myself  famous if this happened. for sures!

Jenny lives in the Brooklyn of the New York City. I bet she eats out for most of her meals. that what people in the NYC do. According to me. well, maybe not…she is a good cook.

One summer we did a ton of photo shoots together, it was great. She would organize everything and I would show up & take some fun photos. We did some weird shoots but it was good adventures.

jenny jenny jenny….do people call you jen now? that’s what your facebook page calls you. i will call you jenny.

hair & makeup by (a whole different jenny! how lucky am i to know 2 jennys!)

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