Indestructible Rayovac Tour!

I’m working for rayovac the next two weeks! This is probably the most awesome job i’ve ever gotten! (unless you’ve hired me…then this is my second favorite job. ever.) I’m traveling in an RV with Nick Berard & Eric Tadsen. We’re going to Chicago, Pittsburg, Charlotte, & Memphis promoting Rayovacs new Indestructible flashlight. It really is indestructible. i’ll post a link to a movie we made throwing cinder blocks on them. it’s very awesome. We’re also interviewing people along the way….talking to them about why they are awesome & making short little movies. So far we’ve done chicago and we’re on our way to Pittsburg right now. I don’t have to drive the rv. Maybe it’s because i’m a girl. maybe it’s because I don’t offer. It really seems dangerous….so i’ll sick back here in the RV editing photos & blogging. and drinking redbulls.

There is so much computery & camera stuff in this RV! The boys hooked up a live cam. I will never tell you where you can see it. I sorta don’t want people to be looking at me all the time but they spend most of their days singing to it. Well, that’s nice, isn’t it.

My first blog is going to be very similar to the Rayovac blog introducing us but i’ll try to post different things than they do…you know cause it’s more fun that way.

here are some links. you can look at them or not look at them. the rayovac blog:

& it is fun. it’s a short little movie:

Nick Berard is a Freelance photographer based in Madison, WI. He has been photographing professionally for 20 years specializing in editorial, advertising and catalog work. “My work has always been people oriented. Collaborating with Rayovac has been an awesome opportunity, with the quality of their latest product it is really something we can get behind.” Our goal is to create a great campaign that extols the virtues of the flashlights and also features the great people that make, use and appreciate great equipment.

Nick’s BlogNick’s Website

Sharon Vanorny is a photographer from Madison, WI. She mainly photographs people and the fun things they do! Sharon loves an adventure so this trip is a dream come true. For the indestructible tour she is the blogger extraordinaire and will be bringing you daily updates about the people they meet, the flashlight mayhem and the fun adventures! In her free time Sharon loves to ride bikes! Sometimes to the bar and sometimes to the library.

Sharon’s BlogSharon’s Website

Eric Tadsen is a freelance photographer, adventurer and general trouble-maker. Eric is along on the journey as a tinkerer and AV technician. He will attempt to damage Rayovac’s virtually indestructible flashlight with all of the mischief at his disposal. Including, but not limited to, techniques involving pyrotechnics, great crushing forces and hypnotism. After the tour Eric plans to return to a quiet life with his three cats and various houseplants.

Eric’s BlogEric’s Websit

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