Indestructible Tour-Chicago!

hi! we’ve been to chicago. we had adventures in chicago! Our first stop was to talk & hang out with John Slavik, a scupture from right outside of  Chicago. I just googled him & I think he must be pretty famous. here is a link to some of his work.

here are some facts: 1.during the interview with John kept talking about the wild turkeys and coyotes that he sees & years on his land. hey, that’s pretty cool.  2 he let us park our RV in the neighbors driveway. it was very nice! 2. we use my verizon hotspot to get the internet. the internet was not working very well so we put it on top of the rv. ….does this really work? apparently.

I kept imaging the coyotes wold be using my new cellular iphone to call their other coyote friends across town. i think coyotes might have a lot to say to each other.

The next day we went to chicago to some exploring and do another interview with Paul who is in the band Mr. Bloto. His studio is at this great location for Professor Eric to do some Rayovack flashlight tests! During the Paul  interview I was in charge of the audio so I didn’t take too many photos. We took a tour of his tour bus. Mostly it smelled like boys but i bet those boys have a really great time!!

Eric is passionate about steel mills and steel. pass-ion-ate. for sure. I learned some facts about steal from him. I told him a steel mill to him is s  pink town to me. i hope there is one. ok, right, so we went to Gary, Indiana to use the steel mill as a back drop for the flashlights. we got kicked out of the parking lot. those steel mills have better security than the mall!

5 thoughts on “Indestructible Tour-Chicago!

  1. Sharon, You are on a trip that i would love to take as you are on a business trip but it’s all fun and new experiences. You get to see businesses and talk to people who run the businesses. Keep having the fun, but the next time you have to invite me to go alone. I”m jealous!!!



  2. Hey, I’m the Mom and I have free advice. over the years I have given lots of free advice. Those kids never listened to me. But here it is. Throw that flashlight into a pig pen!


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