Indestructible Tour-Philadelphia!

I think i can finally write Indestructible without spell checking it. Day 5. Right now we’re headed to Greensborough, North Carolina. But i’m still a day behind in Pittsburgh. So Pittsburgh was great. We went out of the town one night & had the greatest time. The people were nice to us! We were at this bar sitting in a booth and kinda looking at each other and I think Nick was like, “we’re not gonna meet anyone sitting in this booth.” yeah, ok, nick. I agree. By the end of night I had traded some face masks with some girls and was playing some cards with them! I heart Pittsburgh.

We spent some time in Braddock, Pennsylvania. There is a famous John Fetterman who is revitalizing the town. It’s looking good, a little down & out…but look’n good. I think the pbs or sundance people made some movies about this guy. I will netflix them. oh, what makes this Fetterman so famous is that he looks super tough. I think.

ok, i should caption some of the photos, might make more sense.

this is the tallest statue made of steel. according to my new roadside app. i don’t know if i believe it. but still a very nice stop in niles, ohio. we had lunch at a delightful little lunch place in Youngstown, Ohio. I had tofu! those boys love the live cam. we haven’t been into it the last few days. good. yeah, i said it. good. i don’t need people listening to me when i forget their there. 

we stopped & talked to some nice firemen in Pittsburgh, PA

We met this guy in Braddock, Pennsylvania. He works for Grow Pittsburg! they plant urban gardens. Professor Eric! He will be in every blog post. i’m sure.

This is a strange place to live-by the amusement park. Everyone who lives by the amusement park has a dog. it’s what they do.

5 thoughts on “Indestructible Tour-Philadelphia!

  1. Sharon, You are having a ball-what fun you are having. The great american trip is what it appears to be. i expect this documentary to be on PBS sometime in the future. I want you to get me one of those indestructible flashlights as a souvanier for me. Can you do that. It would make a great father’s day present!!!! I like the pictures and I love your daily writings. I think you will be an author in your next life- you do a good job when your jot down your adventures.–Dad


  2. Hi! Mom here! Dad doesn’t know how to spell suevinear. Why wasn’t I invited? sniff-sniff Gee I could have helped. Yep I will have more free advice–soon, very soon.


  3. Love ma and pa’s replys! I think you should be a writer in this life. you know. on the side.
    My fav so far are the sign stuck in the RV and the neighborhood shot with the coaster RIGHT THERE!!


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