Indestructible Tour-Richmond, VA

Pittsburg was a bit of a bust for finding people to talk to for the Rayovac project so we did a quick stop in Richmond, VA! Nick got some leads! It does seem like you need an in to get people to talk to you….hey, does anyone have any friends in Memphis that would be good for this project??? We drove into Richmond and hung out with Carter right away. He has the cutest house in a hip part of town. Richmond feels good, I might go back. Then we went & met some hard work’n boys who do water &  fire damage  restoration work. They were great! Enthusiastic and fun! The best part was that they wore these alien-like white suits. & the coordinated their look with a pop of pink! it’s a dream come true really. I think we were in Richmond for like 4 1/2 hours. oh, & i fell again in Richmond! Now my already bruised knee is bloody. Gross. I don’t think i wrote about the first fall. i was a little embarressed. I feel down a half a flight of stairs. i’m a mess sometimes. it hurt.

So Richmond was a hit! GOOOOOO RICHMOND. That’s my richmond, va cheer.

nick doesn’t sleep much. this is where nick is when i go to bed & wake up. I think he takes a nap sometime during the night.we ran out of water. i bartered some rv water for batteries. everybody wins.

This is Carter. He is a woodworker & music man. I think in Richmond he is famous.

downtown Richmond! ok, i don’t really know if it’s downtown. a cute neighborhood in Richmond!Eric went into the crawl space with with the workers. He saw spiders.
we stopped in west virgina to take photos. we maybe got yelled at for being close to someones property. i wasn’t quick enough to get that photo.
RV camp ground! They have all the fancy amenities that the truck stops don’t have. like water and a sewage drain. oh, & the fancy rayovac flashlight is lighting this! Did you know there is a RV culture out there. i might get into it. 

One thought on “Indestructible Tour-Richmond, VA

  1. I’m not sure but i think Elvis is from Memphis, so maybe you could talk to him. I wish I had one of those super flashlights as we are going to Minneapolis to watch the state basketball tournaments for 3 days and sometimes those games get a little rough. If someone could use one during those games it would be great advertising for the tough ray-o-vac. And since you are our favorite daughter, be careful and don’t fall on that knee again. I think you need a nurse and a mom to take care of you. With that have a great time in Memphis as I’m sure you will find some interesting ordinary people.–Dad


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