Indestrutible Tour-Charlotte, NC

North Carolina! We made it! My friend Tina lives in Charlotte so it was nice to have a real bed & shower! we shot some really great things in charlotte also-good worky things. It was 100% all leads that Tina gave us. Tina is the best! I’m going to caption these photos, I’m starting to forget what is what & where these days. so much traveling! I asked Eric & Nick how long they keep this up and Eric said “indefinitely” I liked that answer. I could do this for awhile longer. In my perfect world I’d like to park the RV longer in one spot & get out the bikes more. We’re so go! go! go!

Waffle House in North Carolina. Leaving Greensboro to get to Charlotte we saw the waffle house. I was so excited! Since this waffle house i’ve seen like 59 more. i’m not as excited anymore.  but but but….they were nice to us. most people are. but we’re nice back. so there’s that.
This is Jamie! He is an electrician. I liked him. Easy to talk to, easy to hang out with. Like most of the people we’ve interviewed on this trip. Oh & the best thing about him is that he (for reals!) keeps on older rayovac flashlight in his front pocket all the time. he’s had it for 4 years now. He works out of his house & we went with him to a local barber shop to get photos of him doing some electrical work. 

Tina took us to the downtown Charlotte! Mostly we were excited to drink a beer but we first went to take photos of iconic-ness Charlotte for work. we’re hard workers. uh huh. We went to a sculpture garden by the art museum. It was really cool stuff. we took a group photo. I love a group pyramid. people should do this more often. The world should have more sculptures you can climb on. i hope it was ok we climbed on them. 
we look like this a lot. sometimes we might just run out of things to say to each other. 
This is Chris from Sign World. Chris is the middle of making a Coca Cola billboard. It’s huge! & it’s 3D-ish made of tin or something. he has a giant press like tool that doesn’t even need electrical cords. that’s a real tool! He is one of two people that work in the production part of Sign World. It was nice….he had some music going & a garage door open off to the side….fresh air & working with his hands. seems like a good gig. Right across the street from Sign World was a boat sales & repair place.  So we strolled on over to see if they would be interested in trying out or flashlights and putting them to the test. We talked to a repair guy for a few minutes and took some photos of an engine he was working on. He’s cute with a nice smile. Oh, & this is a rare boat. There are only some left. Whatever the some number is….I guess it’s not very many. you know I think 5 is not very many but i’m sure it’s more like 5,000. I wish i had stars on my car. oh, 

4 thoughts on “Indestrutible Tour-Charlotte, NC

  1. Sharon, great photos again. I also wish I had stars on my car. So you drove the big motor home today. How was it? Not too many towns left and then you are back to madison. I heard that Orange and White is waiting for you. Had pizza tonight at Dars, but pizza would have been better in NC or Memphis. i keep enjoying you photos and i wish i could go on a trip like you have been on. have a great day–Dad


  2. I think people should do more group pyramids too!
    Great photos. I like the comments more. I think. It is a toss up. I am undecisive today.


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