Indestructible Tour-Charlotte-Part 2

It’s always weird on blogs when the part 2 comes before the part 1. well, here is my part 2. We also did some screen printing in Tina’s back yard. Nick is like a renissance man. He got the whole dinner ready to be made & then got the screen printing started and i’m sure the whole time i was working on a blog or something that was taking me too too long. I think this trip is making me a faster worker. I have to get the photos done & uploaded to the Rayovac people in a timely manner. & the longer i take on the computer the more time i’m missing out on the fun things I could be doing in the new cities.

Ok, so i’m back in Madison now. I’ve been back for about 2 weeks! It was weird getting home, I thought i was going to be so happy to be back into my regular life. Cause you know i’m having a good time in my regular life. But I was a little depressed. I’m sure my experience is similar to those people who go to summer camp every year and have all that summer camp nostalgia. I know about this summer camp-nostalgia from my favoritest podcase This American Life.

I miss the flashlight trip.

Nick had his friend Josh make us a screen. We made shirts in Tina’s back yard. The weather was dreamy. Perfect afternoon.

we went out on the town! I brought the flashlight. We were hanging out with Tina’s work friends. & Then sometimes Tina & I would ditch the group to take flashlight photos. Sometimes just sitting at the bar is not enough for me. I might start bringing this flashlight to the bar in Madison. maybe. 
flashlight bar time. It was so bright we felt like we were disturbing the dark bar atmosphere. mostly i guess we didn’t care. 
nick drinks giant PBR’s. He really likes them. we all wore our screen printed rayovac shirts to the bar. I think nick thinks he’s too cool to match with the crowd. he wanted to change when he saw we were all wearing ours. it’s like a team shirt! nick wore his. he’s like the lead singer. i’m the drummer. that’s how i see it.
how cute is tina?? very. the answer is very. I tried so so hard to make this into a animation type thing. i sorta figured it out I just don’t know how to put it on my blog. I bet someone knows. You could help me please. ox

7 thoughts on “Indestructible Tour-Charlotte-Part 2

  1. I know that I am missing the Rayovac trip-great times. Why is it that once these kids get to a certain age, they all think that it is okay to leave Mom at home? ): <sad mom


  2. I remember your saying from being a leader at girl scout camp-It’s best to stop doing something that everyone is enjoying before it gets boring-that way they are anxious to do it again. I think those words of wisdom that you spoke many years ago fit your trip to a T. Glad you had a super time-but i get to go the next time!!!!—Dad


  3. How perfect that you got to spend the time with Tina. The perfect ending to your Summer camp/Rayovac world tour extravaganza. Love all the photos and I am so excited that you got to do this adventure. Tell us more! We want details…details.


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