Indestructible Tour-Memphis

Memphis! One city left after this. I drove the RV from Charlotte to Nashville. I think i screamed sometimes & maybe had a panic attack. Did i already write about this? probably. Memphis was ok. I really wanted to like Memphis. Graceland was cool….memphis really was just ok. I was getting a little worn out with the photos & the camera & the whatnots. I shot all of Graceland with my iphone!

I think i’ll do a whole blog post with my hipstomatics from the trip! I’m worried i’m over doing with the photos & this trip & the blog. It is a photo trip….i am a photographer. so there’s that.

Tennessee. Yes, we’re here.

a fun movie! watch this!

ok, so the movie that goes along with the fireworks photo is really great. you might even laugh out loud. i promise.

the table broke. computers were everywhere. so was nick. we didn’t die. eric fixes things. i take the photos. 
we met this guy in Memphis. You know I really wish i could remember all the details about his life but I was preoccupied. I think Eric knows all about him, he was doing the audio. 

while i was driving the oil light came on. we pulled over. I only made nick throw the flashlights in the air like 3 times. Then we ran back to the rv and drove drove drove. oh, the oil business was fine. at least while we were on the road.
This is Buddy! He has worked in the airline repair business for years, a lot of them. maybe 20. 
more bar/flashlight fun times. oh, we ate at the BB Kings restaurant & it was pretty delicious. ribs & coleslaw! no photos, very sad. 

One thought on “Indestructible Tour-Memphis

  1. So you can now drive big vehicles. I hear that they are always looking for more truck drivers, so if the photo business slows down you can take up truck driving. You could see the entire US and take pictures at the same time and do a truck driving documentary!!!! Again, I must say that you guys ahd opportunities to met and visit with some ordinary extraordinary people.–Dad


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