Indestructible Tour-St. Louis!

Ok, so we were really in St. Charles. I think it’s close to St. Louis. St. Charles has the most friendly RV roads ever. They are nice new road where no one is driving. & big empty parking lots for turning around once we’ve made a wrong turn. This happens every once in awhile. Eric got us the hook up in St. Charles. It was a hit! We visited 2 fire stations in the area. The first place let Eric go up 100 feet on the ladder where he dropped the flashlight to see if it would still work. yes, mostly it did still work. mostly.

Then we went to another location where a firefighter went through a firefighter obstacle course that was fogged! it was all halloween like. or if you were a firefighter at halloween you would say it’s just like the obstacle course. You get the idea.

We, with the RV, stayed in front Eric’s Aunt Linda’s house. It was lovely. We took showers there. I moved half of their furniture outside to take photos while they were at work. Thanks Aunt Linda & Uncle Chad. I don’t really think his name was chad. She was for sure linda though.

we sorta found this orange cone in Memphis and started putting it out by the bikes every time we parked. we would maybe even put it out if we were getting gas.  that cone cracked me up.

This is John Yi, a 10 year veteran of the Warrenton fire department and rescue crew. I liked him. I think we could be friends. Like if i was getting a donut & coffee in the morning & maybe he was doing the same thing…..we might sit and eat our donuts together kind of friends. 
They had a house they used for the smoke fog obstacle course. The photo on the right is the upstairs dining room. It’s kinda funny. 

see-check out the cone! i loved having people pose in front of the RV. I wish i would win one in a raffle. 
Eric went up 100 feet to throw the flashlight off! i was jealous.

gas station portrait. it’s beautiful.It’s nick at the gas station. I think it cost a lot of money to fill the RV. I was always busy buying watchamacallits & cool ranch chips.

This is a weird photo, where did that shovel even come from? i don’t ever remembering seeing that on this trip. weird. ox

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