Heather & Tyler are gonna get hitched!

Heather & Tyler are fun! fun fun fun! oh and smiley. i love that! This was the first time we met, they hired me over the phone! It was great to put real faces to voices and emails. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding but mostly cause I know i’ll get to hang out with them. We went to the Willy St. park (at least that’s what I call it.) and then Olin Park.

They do fun things in photos like play paper-rock-scissors and do summersaults down a hill. and they don’t think that’s weird. i love it.

2 thoughts on “Heather & Tyler are gonna get hitched!

  1. I love the pictures and if I was going to get married (but I can’t because I am married)I would summersault down the hill (but I can’t. I’m 60 1/2 year old). Maybe just one summersault.


  2. Heather and Tyler,

    Just finally taking the time to come back and look at all the info you have posted for us.

    Love the pictures. I think we’re in for a great time on your wedding day!

    Aunt Barb


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