February PHoto a dAy!

i do some pretty fun things.

i play bingo on wed nights & finally won this month! $175!!! so i’ve maybe played 20 times before this & didn’t win….so there’s that.  i eat the most delicious bbq sandwich at bingo! This alone feels like i’m winning. The eastside club should pay me for my walking testimonial of their bbq sandwich. dear eastside club, you owe me 3 sandwiches for all my nice words. one week they ran out and i might’ve been a little mean to them about this. oopsy daisy.

people had babies & then some other people got engaged. I went to the hospital twice in february! weird. i think i’ve been in a hospital to see people three times in my whole life. i was not at the hospital for me ps!   i went to chicago with jennyface. had some dates, drank some beers, & climbed some rocks. feb was awesome. bring it March. oxox sv
























4 thoughts on “February PHoto a dAy!

  1. Bingo sounds exciting and the East Side Club owes you bug for your testimonial:)
    Love your pictures, your attitude and your stories. I’ll see you soon. Probably at Bingo!


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