James & Shawnee :: 06.16.2012

James and Shawnee got married!!!! This was a great wedding-probably one of the best. ever. in the history of getting married. They got a standing ovation after the kiss. I don’t think that’s normal, their friends are pretty awesome. or wait–they are pretty awesome. Maybe a combination of both. Probably this.

The wedding & reception was at the lovely badger barns. It’s a great location for a ceremony-reception-dance- & photos!!!! I feel like I have so much to say about James and Shawnee and here I am now and I can’t think of what to write. Most of the time when I shoot a wedding people ask me “oh, how do you know the couple?” usually my answer is that they hired me and I know them now and think they are great! I think this of most of my couples!! But with Shawnee & James it felt like I really did know them before.  I see them around town all the time-they are good people to be seeing around!!!  Do you ever see someone and pretend to be talking on your phone? i don’t do that when I see the J&S team.

Oh man, Shawnee’s mom cracked me up. She was funny! kinda reminded me of my mom maybe. HULLA HOOPS! how fun are hulla hoops!! I also learned at this wedding if you bring a few blow up balls kids will go crazy. I loved their ceremony. People said nice things to them–it’s my favorite. I know my thoughts are kinda random. The talented Nicole Cooke second shot this wedding with me. I’m pretty sure we kicked some ass. ox

James & Shawnee’s friends and family were 20% happier than the average person! I sometimes make up statistics. You should too. This is was just a nice place to be on the 16th. I’m so happy I got the chance to shoot their wedding.













































































































9 thoughts on “James & Shawnee :: 06.16.2012

  1. Sharon, these are amazing! We appreciate your skills & talent & awesomeness so much. When I looked through these pictures I kept alternately getting teary and giggling… and I was sitting in the waiting room of the Jiffy Lube at the time. I’m sure everyone there thought I was nuts, but I was just full of joy & love. Love wins! You know it!


  2. HI!
    Loved the photos! Did she have a “button bouquet” that she carried? It really caught my eye. Also, what did the men have…a small thread spool and ribbon? Am not sure and would love to know!


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