07.06.2012 :: Krista & Ryan :: rooftop weddings are delightful.

Ok, I have some really good plans for my wedding. I thought I had everything all worked out and then I went to Ryan & Krista’s wedding on top of the Children’s Museum and everything has changed. It was amazing! The coolest location/space ever! trees on a rooftop! I love it! There is a little field of basil planted up there. I may have left with a pocket full of basil. i’m kidding.

I’d never been to the Children”s museum before and damn girl!!! that place if fuuuunnn!!! They do this fun event for adults once every two months where they open up the museum in the evening for adults and & can get beers and wine and play with all the kid stuff! I’m going to sures! OH, it’s called Adult Swim. Google it. I’ll see you there.

The rooftop where the wedding/reception took place was already perfect- Krista & Ryan added some nice little touches as well! I love a really pretty wedding-like the cute stuff they add- and I also love a low key wedding. This wedding was both.¬† It was one of the smallest weddings I’ve shot which made it feel really intimate. It also made me feel a little like the paparazzi-I don’t feel like I stalked people too much! That was good. The beautiful food was made by the hip Underground kitchen dudes.

I’ve known Ryan & Krista for awhile–I mostly see them at biking & drinking events. If there is an event that involves drinking + biking there is a 94% chance I will see them. They are a great couple and think they compliment each other really well. I wonder if they will think it’s weird I’m writing that. I’m pretty sure i’m right though.

Oh man, did Krista wear the cutest little polka dotted dress or what?? yes she did. & Ryan is looking very handsome in his vest. more dudes should wear cute vests. I call.

Congratulations guys! kick some ass being married. ox sv































































































3 thoughts on “07.06.2012 :: Krista & Ryan :: rooftop weddings are delightful.

  1. We love the pictures and it looks like an awesome place to have a wedding. You all look so happy and we look forward to having you come to Florida for a visit whenever you can make it. We love you and wish you many years of happiness. You have only just begun.


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