Madison Magazine :: Merchant

AI love love love shooting for Madison Magazine! This month was about the Chef of the year, Anna Dickson! I heard someone say something like “Chef! we need blah blah blah….” That’s so fun–it’s like a tv show! She was really great to shoot–one of the coolest & calmest gals I’ve ever photographed. It felt good just being around her. I also did some photos around the restaurant, Eric the line cook, &  the of the Merchant owners. The drinks are very fun & fancy at the Merchant. Drink them! The food is so beautiful and delicious. Eat it!

I think the bartender guy thought I might drink all the drinks he made for this shoot.  I woulda got super trashed. Plus I’m just better at drinking beer. I did bring the barley dish home and it was sooooo good. I could eat that dish everyday–it’s the one that’s in the bowl. I’m mostly writing that for my sister Theresa. She’s one of those foody people and if she reads this blog (there’s a 25% is will) the one thing she would say is “Which is the dish you really loved?? I couldn’t tell.” hi Theresa if you are reading this!


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