The KUH family. yeah.

I shot the KUH family. and they are oh-so cute. I think I did their 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary photos and again for their 5 year. Can you believe these kids have been married 5 years??!! They are a true team. Each others best friends. The best.

They put on their wedding clothes for a canoe around the Yahara. I loved this whole shoot with my whole heart. I think they wanted me to leave like an hour before I did….I was having a great time. One of my favorites was when I shot them on the canoe looking down. I sat up on the railroad bridge. I think Greg said to Emily, “Kuh! you got your phone? oh geez. SV be careful!” I’m always careful and never fall. Emily–would Greg say “geez”? That’s what I heard. Some of my favorite photos were when Emily put on her sweatpants at the end and they were just sitting around with that Penny kitten adventuring around the yard.  oxoxo I love the kuhs._0001.jpg
I love the kuhs._0002.jpg
I love the kuhs._0003.jpg
I love the kuhs._0004.jpg
I love the kuhs._0005.jpg
I love the kuhs._0006.jpg
I love the kuhs._0007.jpg
I love the kuhs._0008.jpg
I love the kuhs._0009.jpg
I love the kuhs._0010.jpg
I love the kuhs._0011.jpg
I love the kuhs._0012.jpg
I love the kuhs._0013.jpg
I love the kuhs._0014.jpg
I love the kuhs._0015.jpg
I love the kuhs._0016.jpg
I love the kuhs._0017.jpg
I love the kuhs._0018.jpg
I love the kuhs._0019.jpg
I love the kuhs._0020.jpg
I love the kuhs._0021.jpg
I love the kuhs._0022.jpg
I love the kuhs._0023.jpg
I love the kuhs._0024.jpg
I love the kuhs._0025.jpg

I love the kuhs._0027.jpg
I love the kuhs._0028.jpg
I love the kuhs._0029.jpg
I love the kuhs._0031.jpg
I love the kuhs._0032.jpg
I love the kuhs._0033.jpg
I love the kuhs._0034.jpg
I love the kuhs._0035.jpg
I love the kuhs._0036.jpg
I love the kuhs._0037.jpg
I love the kuhs._0038.jpg
I love the kuhs._0039.jpg

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