Zoe Zadie :: cute babyface. oxox

I kind of have the best time in the whole world in Ashland. The northern Wisconsin.  It feels good. You should go on vaca there or talk your friends into getting married up there so i can shoot their wedding! I am shooting a wedding in Bayfield area this weekend–at the beach! I went to this Meyers Beach to scope out the scene. I had this lovely drive in the rolling hills and was listing to the Lumineers. Do you notice when you’re doing something really awesome and you have on good music on the adventure is like 73% better!!! This is true. I did this drive and came across Wisconsin’s Northern Most Post Office. So that’s something-right? They also have beers at the store in town and I bought some and drank one at the beach. I should be doing this everyday.

Oh yeah. My sister had a baby. This baby is pretty damn cute huh???

it’s the ZOE ZADIE baby! ohmygod she is the happiest cutest baby ever. She is very happy in the morning and she loves to ride on the dogs back. They have adventures around the house. and man, can she swing. she can swing on that swing all day. that’s why she has that flat spot on the back of her head. Maybe this flat spot is normal. I’m not sure.

So the funnest (most fun-is the proper wording i think–you knew what i meant.) things happen in the northern WI. We go to the black cat coffee shop every most days. I’m a good worker when I’m there-it’s strange that i’m starting to know some of the towns folk. ok, not that strange since they are mostly Theresa & Gary’s friends. Theresa is the sister. Gary is the bro in law. Zoe is the baby. Dutchess is the dog. Gary is the best at going to the coffee shop. I knew he would let me take his photo there–sometimes he can’t be bothered with me & my camera. I get it….sometimes I’m around too much with that thing.

One of my favoritest restaurants is right outside of Washburn. The Good Tyme. I think this is one of those play on words. People love a good play on words. I sometimes do. They have these moscow mules drinks that come in a copper cup. This drink is supposed to come in a copper cup-it makes it legit! Does anyone know where I can get this drink + the cup in Madison? it’s so fun! I think about this drink a lot. We went there with some of Theresa’s classy friends. I like them.

So I guess this is mostly what I do up here: drink coffee, baby hang outs, eat food, & go on dog walks. It’s perfect & lovely.




























































ok, I don’t know why i named march “march! i will eat you march!” but it just felt right. Yeah, March was pretty good. I put this month in order of the days, which is pretty fun.  I didn’t include everyday in the blog. Some of the photos are boring.

It seems like I might be doing the same things over & over. Scrabble & Bingo!! I love scrabble & bingo apparently. I am going to quit going to bingo for the summer months (& play volleyball instead!!) but i’ll be back when it’s cold again. I will play scrabble all summer. Let me know when you want to play. oxox

OH! the most exciting thing happened in March! My little sister had a baby! She’s not that little, she’s 30. The baby is little though. She had a cute cute cute little girl and named her Zoe Zadie. ZZ baby face is what i think i will call her. Theresa & Gary are going to be good at it! I’ve been trying to shoot more weddings in the Bayfield area so I can hang out with them more and also because it is magical in northern Wisconsin. Oh, they live in Ashland, WI. You should go there!!!

What else happened in March, it was kinda long ago. I’m slacking on my blogging! Engagement photos, book club, motorcycle & bike rides, sexy time photos for kristen (you should get some done! contact me!), marigolds at the Arboretum, & sushi at the Muramoto. Oh, I tried to not drink for a week. I didn’t drink for 5 days. Which is very close to a week.

I bought a lawn chair at a garage sale. I love this lawn chair. It made it in 3 photos this month. If you come over to my place you can sit in it. or I can bring it to you. Either is fine with me.

























oXOx forever!

I did a photo shoot with the lovely jennyface! she does make up. you want her to do your make up!   ::::: jennyface.com :::::  I imagine while she does your make up she’ll tell you cute and funny stories about squirrels and kittens.

the model is the glamorous heather.  she’s pretty awesome. like looking good awesome and fun to hang out with awesome.

I know I should have more to say about this shoot…it was fun! it was great! i’m going to come back and write some clever things here later. when i’m feeling it.

i’ve also been thinking about playing ping pong lately. i bet heather and jenny will want to do this. they are both fun like that.











The Mighty Miss! that’s what people say. so i say it too.

sometimes I go on vaca to the mississippi. not the state. the river. I even swim in the river even though all the locals strongly advice against it. i didn’t die. see. i showed them. oh, and it was the main channel.

fun things to do if you do go to the mississippi river: eat chicken from the rotary club, look at the mississippi, make ipod mixes that invoke the spirit of the mississippi river- i suggest jenny lewis, oh & drink beers.

this is josh. it was his idea to go to the mississippi river. he has good ideas.



We did this shoot cause jenny ng was featured on some website cause she’s all fashionable.  jenny is probably the most famous person I know. She was even in the Glamour Magazine for the “what to wear” ! (was it Glamour…maybe Cosmo..you get the idea.)  I would could probably make it in too but i would be one of the “what not to wear” with the black bar over my eyes. I would consider myself  famous if this happened. for sures!

Jenny lives in the Brooklyn of the New York City. I bet she eats out for most of her meals. that what people in the NYC do. According to me. well, maybe not…she is a good cook.

One summer we did a ton of photo shoots together, it was great. She would organize everything and I would show up & take some fun photos. We did some weird shoots but it was good adventures.

jenny jenny jenny….do people call you jen now? that’s what your facebook page calls you. i will call you jenny.

hair & makeup by jennyface.com (a whole different jenny! how lucky am i to know 2 jennys!)

Portland & babies.

I went to Portland after the Seattle trip. I took a train and read “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. It was a great book!  You should probably read this book.

MY SISTER HAD A BABY!  it’s very exciting! she’s the first in our family so i guess she wins, right! first place sara! Mostly I went to Portland to meet this Leo baby. He was born on April 4. he came about one month early and it’s a really great story. Sara & Andy were in Seattle at her friends roller derby bout and her water broke! they didn’t want to have the baby anywhere but portland so they drove all the way home but didn’t call anyone cause they didn’t want anyone to tell them to go to the nearest hospital. This story might be better when sara tells it. Everything worked out, he was yellow or something. and maybe now he’s not.

he’s small, very small. but not like so small he has to be in the hospital. just small cause he is a baby. i was scared to pick him up right away.

I took photos of him being a baby. The one where he is on the side table…andy was right there. and i think he even caught him. like it’s that far to really fall! Sara was pretty relaxed about being a new mom i think. we went grocery shopping and out to breakfast. where i had a bloody mary, my new favorite hobby!  She got her hair cut and I would walk around the halls of the building putting leo in cute locations for photos.

i heart portland!




I went to Seattle last week. There are some parts about me that really hate seattle. I used to live there (for really only one year.) and i had this terrible job at the one hour photo place, i didn’t make any friends, and i felt lost everytime I would try to drive in the city. Randy lives in Seattle right now because he’s going to school so i visit him sometimes. I think i liked it this time more than any other time i’ve ever been there. The weather was nice for at least 2 days! and we went for bike rides, had fun adventures, and even played outdoor ping pong. man, madison should get some outdoor ping pong. i would be there all the time! heart1002

Hometown christmas!

I was in Edgerton, Mn for christmas! it was snowy and cold. We were snowed in on christmas but the other days we got out and did some fun things. like bowling and going into town for coffee. oh, and the bakery! If you are ever in the area you should visit my parents. They will like it. You might drink some coffee if you stop by in the morning or some miller lights if it’s in the evening. ox sv