06.10.12 :: Molly & Russ

I loved meeting Molly and Russ and doing their engagement photos and now shooting their wedding!!! It felt like I was going to a friends wedding. I think I write this a lot. Mostly only  awesome people have me shoot their weddings! They are perfect together! I love how molly is always telling me how handsome Russ is. This might be because i’m telling them they are look’n good and she mostly replies with a “oh, i know, isn’t Russ handsome.” so cute!

Molli & Russ had a morning-ish wedding at the tini tiny church at the James Madison Park. After the wedding we made a quick stop at the capitol and then to the reception at Jonny Delmonico’s. I took the sweet ass limo (as Molly would call it) with them to the reception. While walking back to the james madison park I stopped at the crema cafe and drank a iced coffee. I looked in the mirror and it was pretty rough. Good thing everyone at the wedding is looking at the cute bride!!! OH! man! did you see Molly’s dress! AMAZING!!



























































ok, I don’t know why i named march “march! i will eat you march!” but it just felt right. Yeah, March was pretty good. I put this month in order of the days, which is pretty fun.  I didn’t include everyday in the blog. Some of the photos are boring.

It seems like I might be doing the same things over & over. Scrabble & Bingo!! I love scrabble & bingo apparently. I am going to quit going to bingo for the summer months (& play volleyball instead!!) but i’ll be back when it’s cold again. I will play scrabble all summer. Let me know when you want to play. oxox

OH! the most exciting thing happened in March! My little sister had a baby! She’s not that little, she’s 30. The baby is little though. She had a cute cute cute little girl and named her Zoe Zadie. ZZ baby face is what i think i will call her. Theresa & Gary are going to be good at it! I’ve been trying to shoot more weddings in the Bayfield area so I can hang out with them more and also because it is magical in northern Wisconsin. Oh, they live in Ashland, WI. You should go there!!!

What else happened in March, it was kinda long ago. I’m slacking on my blogging! Engagement photos, book club, motorcycle & bike rides, sexy time photos for kristen (you should get some done! contact me!), marigolds at the Arboretum, & sushi at the Muramoto. Oh, I tried to not drink for a week. I didn’t drink for 5 days. Which is very close to a week.

I bought a lawn chair at a garage sale. I love this lawn chair. It made it in 3 photos this month. If you come over to my place you can sit in it. or I can bring it to you. Either is fine with me.

























The Mighty Miss! that’s what people say. so i say it too.

sometimes I go on vaca to the mississippi. not the state. the river. I even swim in the river even though all the locals strongly advice against it. i didn’t die. see. i showed them. oh, and it was the main channel.

fun things to do if you do go to the mississippi river: eat chicken from the rotary club, look at the mississippi, make ipod mixes that invoke the spirit of the mississippi river- i suggest jenny lewis, oh & drink beers.

this is josh. it was his idea to go to the mississippi river. he has good ideas.


Green Bay, Wisconsin is probably awesome.

Jennyface and I went on vacation to Green Bay about a month ago. i haven’t been very good about blogging so it’s a little late. I guess not that anyone would really know except there is snow in some of the photos. Hightlights of the trip were the amusement park, iced coffee, and the goodwill. I always forget to bring extra shoes and when i hang out with jennyface my shoes always get wet and i buy a new pair at the goodwill. this has happened twice. wet feet are a drag.


we also went to a cheese contest and sampled fancy cheeses and went to the packers tourist store. that’s fun. 





















Photos of jenny

after the corn maze justin took a photo of jenny in the water. he has this light and the battery pack is sorta worn like a fanny pack. so they were both in the water with the electricity and i thought jenny and justin were for sure going to be electricuted. they weren’t.





it’s a corn maze!

                          we went to the corn maze. it was fun. justin would say things like, “look at the beautiful landscapes.” and then maybe i would say something like, “uh huh.”






                            they are like a band. a corn maze folk sing’n band.